Winchester Bonded PDX1 .38 Special +P 130-Grain Handgun Ammunition


  •  Jacketed hollow point for optimal performance through tough barriers
  • 130 grains
  • The bonding process welds lead and jacket together to work as a unit for controlled expansion and enhanced retained weight
  • 6-segment jacket notching promotes positive, consistent, and programmed expansion at a variety of impact velocities
  • Nickel-plated shell case helps ensure positive gun function through smooth chambering and ejection
  • Copper-alloy jacket is contoured for maximum upset over a wide range of velocities and ranges
  • 20-round box
  • Engineered to maximize terminal ballistics
  • .38 Special +P caliber
  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Number of Rounds: 20
  • Number of rounds: 20
  • Pistol Ammo Type: Home Defense
  • Grain weight: 130